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"A.J. Goodbroad's Hothouse - Union"

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Two women tour campus together. The one on the left is carrying a large bag on her shoulder which reads, "My name is not Mom." The woman on the right is wearing a peach colored dress and white heels. In the background, three young men sit on one of…

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Enjoying the sunshine, two young women sit outdoors on one of the cement benches that run along the brick enclosed planting beds.

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"Zabel" Two young women stand next to each other talking near a brick gardening bed. To the right, a professor leaves Zabel Hall with briefcase in hand. Further back on the sidewalk, right outside the entrance, two more students are making their way.…

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"4/1991" Sixty-one images of students walking on sidewalks in the central region of campus. 91105 .004-.016 - Loso Hall (background). .017-.018 - Background: Hoke Hall (left, partial), Dorion Hall (middle), Loso Hall (right). .019-.023 - Loso Hall…

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"8/7/1991" Seven images of students outdoors on campus. .001 - Loso Hall (background). .005 - White sculpture (background). .007-.008 - White sculpture (background). .013 - Loso Hall (background).

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"8/7/1991 - Loso Hall scenes" - three images

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"September 1990" Three images of the central area of campus. .030 - Background: Hoke Hall (left, partial), Loso Hall (right, mostly obscured by trees). .032 - Loso Hall (background, completely obscured by trees).

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"1989" Eight images of students walking across various areas of campus. 89134 .006 - Zabel Hall (left), White sculpture (right foreground), Hunt Hall (right background, partial). 89150 .010 - Zabel Hall (right), Mt. Emily (background). .013 - White…

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"1989" Fourteen images of students outdoors on campus. .007 - Pierce Library (background).

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