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"8/1986" Four images of an unidentified 1986 alumni from summer graduation.

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"9/1984 - Fall term" - two images

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"September 1984 - School begins" Two images of Bill Wells (left) sitting outdoors on one of the planting beds with a woman and two students.

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"August 1984 - Ackerman Faculty" - four images

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"1983" Two images of four students on a campus sidewalks near Hoke Hall.

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"April 1978 - Campus scenes"
Students walk on campus sidewalks on a beautiful day. In the background, the old Facilities building is visible.

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"4/1987 - Campus scenes" Two images of two young men talking and relaxing outdoors on one of the brick enclosed planting beds. A line of stone benches runs along the planting bed.

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"4/1987 - Campus scenes" Five images of two young women studying together outdoors at one of the campus, stone picnic tables. .005-.006 - Inlow Hall (background). .009 - Inlow Hall (background).

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"Conrade Head, Faculty" Professor Conrade Head stands in the middle of an evergreen bush in one of the campus planting beds conducting a science class about leaves and plants.

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Four images of an EOSC employee laying bricks to create one of the planting beds on campus.

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