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"Last meals at Binmaley Mess hall - roof gone"
"Foreign Students" A group of darker skinned, young women sit together on a picnic table. The only person in the picture with lighter skin is at the very top. Behind them is a building with boarded windows and diagonal wood siding.
"6/1991" After the last Commissioning Ceremony for the ROTC department, the new lieutenants head out in front of Loso Hall to experience their "first salutes." From left to right: Lieutenant Goodwin (1st), Lieutenant Birnie (2nd), Lieutenant…
People gather at a picnic table out in the woods during the mountain party in Lostine, Oregon.
EOCE President, Frank B. Bennett, talks with the two women seated on the wood bench next to him during the mountain party at Lostine, Oregon. More campers are visible at picnic tables in the background, and there is a dog in the foreground.
"10/1985" Students enjoy the nice weather outdoors while sitting on one of the stone picnic tables. There is a bike rack in the background, and farther back, part of Inlow Hall is visible.
"4/1987 - Admission Recruiters: Holly Kerfoot [light colored dress], Saichi Oba [light colored shirt, dark pants]"
"6/1986 - Ian Gatley's Elderhostel watercolor class at Red Bridge Park"
"6/1986 - Ian Gatley's Elderhostel watercolor class at Red Bridge Park"
A young woman takes a nap at one of the stone picnic tables on campus. Sitting on the bench next to her is a purse, a textbook and a papersack with a jack-o-lantern on it.
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