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"Musicians help pass the time aboard the SS Cape Victory en route to Seattle - Oct 1945" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Jam Session on Board. It would a be a hot, sweaty, slow trip. The turbine-powered converted freighter would travel about fifteen miles…

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"Red Cross girl Dottie Lou Lovell Musical entertainer - often joined by Military musicians here."

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"An American Legion meeting Skit - Mrs. Guthery, Audra Cummins Williams, Winnie Fitzgerald w/steel guitar, Etha Huffman Hill w/tuba, Mrs. Zimmerdahl on saxophone"

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"4H girls demonstrating pressure canning at 4H Picnic - Union Experiment Station - Aug. 11, 1938"

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"4H Picnic at Union Experiment Station - Aug. 11, 1938 - Billy Hindman (Elgin) receiving the trophy for stock judging"

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"College - The inauguration of President Roben Maaske - ceremony" June 4, 1940

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"College - The inauguration of President Roben Maaske" June 4, 1940

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