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"Ox cart and a Calesio at the public market (Thursdays) at Dagupan - Luzon"
"Cart and Calesio parking area behind some of the thatched booths of the Dagupan open weekly (Thurs) market in the town square. Dagupan, Luzon P.I."
"Ox drawn cart on main street of Dagupan - Square 5 gal Soconoy gasoline can hung on front. 'Valentia Fashions' store across the street, and a moving U.S. Jeep"
"Ox cart traffic in Dagupan"
"Stores along the street in Dagupan - Wine, Pharmacy, Restaurant (two 'drug' stores, side by side)
"Street scene in nearby town of Dagupan (Luzon). Ox drawn cart of firewood in front of the Dagupan Theatre (cine) other ox carts and horse drawn Calessio, and US Army vehicle in view. Dentist's sign"
"Capitol Building - Vigan Ilocos Sur - Contrast the modern building and the ox cart transportation"
"An ox cart on the street of Vigan, the capitol city of Ilocos Sur north of Binmaley"
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