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"Baker [County] area mines - North Pole Gold Mill - Cracker Creek, Or."
"Baker [County] area mines - La Bellview [Bellevue] Mill"
"Baker [County] area mines - Virginia Mill and Hoist Plant"
"Baker [County] area mines - E and E Mill - Cracker Creek Mill" "E and E Mill and Mines - Cracker Creek"
"Baker [County] area [Sumpter, Oregon] mines" "Bonanza Mill - Sept. 25, 1903"
"Baker [County] area mines - North Pole Gold Mill - Cracker Creek, Or."
"Union Oregon Lumber Mill - Ronde Lumber Co. - Near Experiment Station - Area is now (1998) High School Sport's field"
"Pioneer Flouring Mill Co. 1910+/- Island City, Oregon - Proprietors of Island City Roller Mills - their flour brands: Imperial Patent, White Rose, Thistle, Reliance and Purity - Dealers in Flour, Graham Germea, whole wheat flour, corn meal and mill…
"Pioneer Flour Mill at Island City (water powered - 1930)"
"Union Wollen [Woolen] Mills, Union Oregon. Capacity 350,000 lbs. per. year. 30,000 pair of blankets per. year. - circa 1904" [For information about the Union Woolen Mill, see: Chapter X (pages 179-198) of "Later Woolen Mills in Oregon" by Alfred L.…
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