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"The Snuffer boys with a team of horses - Maxville, Oregon - June 1923. Company woodcutters for Bowman-Hicks."
"Moving Wilson Lumber Co. sawmill to Elk Mt. Boiler carried on one truck. O.S. Hamilton perched on top. Another car took the engine. Mill had been SE of Prairie Creek. Abandoned, then bought by Wilson 11-3-17."
"July 29th, 1907 - Feb. 22nd, 1909. Yours with love, Wallace J. Lisle - Tacoma, Wash.'"
"Imnaha, (Wallowa County) Oregon - A.B. Findley residence - built in the fall of 1884. It 'served in its day as post office, court house, home, church, polling place, and hotel.' Photo taken - circa 1915. Left to right: George Dunlap, unknown, Janeā€¦
"No. 15 Mill Pond, Wallowa, Ore. - circa 1912 - Nibley-Mimnaugh Lumber Co. mill in background."
"Kenneth and Mutt Anderson sitting on #2 Shay in the Bowman Hicks yard in Wallowa. The railroad was being abanoned - 1932."
"Log drive on the Grande Ronde River above Perry, Grande Ronde Lumber Company Dam - near La Grande, Oregon - circa 1905."
"East Oregon Lumber Company Trestle in the Sled Springs area, Wallowa County - circa 1912."
"Hercial Jones - Bowman Hicks Lumber Co. yard - Maxville - 1932"
"East Oregon Lumber Company (Enterprise, Oregon) Baldwin rod engine and cars at Sled Springs, 1928"
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