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Wearing buckskins and accompanied by other frontier accoutrement, an unidentified gentleman [Joe Lamonica?] gives a lecture. He is holding an open book in his hand, and "Bus Law" is written on the chalkboard.
"Robert J. Miller" This is a studio portrait of Robert Miller wearing a dark colored, plaid print, blazer, a white dress shirt, and light colored, patterned, necktie. Enclosed with photo: "We are pleased to announce that Robert J. Miller has joined…
"A panel discussion on 'The Right of Inquiry of the Un-American Activities' was held in the week's observance of 'Law Day.' Panel members included Attorneys Ross Hearing [Heaning?], Charles Cater, and Richard Neely
"L.J. Davis Law Office, Union, Oregon - before 1910"
"Fourth of July Celebration - La Grande, Oregon. A group of people pose in front of Ralston Furniture and Undertakers. The entrance for Williams Bros. Law Offices, which were on the second floor, is to the right." Identified in photograph: "1. Fan…
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