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"Robert J. Miller" This is a studio portrait of Robert Miller wearing a dark colored, plaid print, blazer, a white dress shirt, and light colored, patterned, necktie. Enclosed with photo: "We are pleased to announce that Robert J. Miller has joined…

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"Photocopy from the "Johnson's New Illustrated (steel plate) Family Atlas, 1861." "Johnson's New Military Map of the United States (west coast) - Showing the Forts, Military Posts & all the Military Divisions - War Department"

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"La Grande Fire Department lined up for a Hose Cart Race at Baker City, Oregon - June 17, 1897."

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"Part of La Grande Volunteer Fire Department members, after 1898 fire - 1. Dick Kelly, 2. Jim Murphy, 3. Jack Gulling, 4. Fire Chief Jack Peare, 5. Joe Jones, 6. Roy Read, 7. W.B. Palmer"

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"La Grande Fire Department - article originally printed circa 1900 - Photocopy of an article with photographs of Fire Chief Jack H. Peare and fire department members in front of the fire station using a fire hose." Subtitles read: "Equipment,…

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Men from the Union Rural Fire Department responding to a fire. Flames are not visible in the image, but there is a lot of smoke in the air.

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"Group portrait of the members of the Elgin Fire Department - circa 1900."

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"La Grande Fire Department posing on their fire engine in front of the fire station - 1912. [Note the chains on the tires of the fire truck.]

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"La Grande Fire Department building under construction on Elm St. - circa 1898. C. Hansen, contractor."

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"circa 1930's - Jack Peare, former Fire Chief, and others pulling a Hose Cart" down a street with automobiles parked along it.

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