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"Infantryman with mouth of Malinta Tunnel in distance - Signal Corps Photo - International News wire Photo - Source: Caffrey Dugas"
"I.R.C. [International Relations Club] Banquet" Two young men entertain at the IRC Banquet. One of them is playing the acoustic guitar, and one or both of them is singing. [Photo appears in the 1964 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 76.]
"I.R.C. [International Relations Club] Banquet" Standing at a microphone, a couple entertain at the IRC Banquet. The young man is playing the guitar, and they are both singing. [Photo appears in the 1964 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 76.]
"Kiyoko Yamada, Alumni" This is a portrait of Kiyoko Yamada wearing a light colored sweater and one strand of pearls. The picture was taken for the yearbook when Kiyoko was named IRC (International Relations Club) girl of the year. [Photo appears in…
"1949-50 I. R. C. (International Relations Club) Members: Wayne Metz, Beverly Suitter, Frances Gilfry, Dr. [Joe] Gaiser, Roy Benedict, Phil Newitt, William Taylor, Ivan Hansen, Rod Steen, Bob Wilkins, and Phil Beauchamp." [Photo appears in the 1950…
"October 13, 1978 - October Festival"
One of the members of the International Relations Club works in their food booth at the festival.
"Multi-cultural entertainment" Three images of a young man and woman dressed in Spanish or Latin American clothing.
"Multi-cultural entertainment" A Latin American gentleman plays the guitar at an IRC (International Relations Club) event.
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