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"8/1985" Pre-registration for fall term goes on at the Hoke Hall Information Counter. On the right side of the counter, Joan Jackson (closest, back to camera), and Terral Schut (furthest, in profile) are helping students.
"2/1991" Two images of people being helped at the Information counter in Hoke Hall.
"1990" An image of three people talking around the Information counter in Hoke Hall.
"1989" Eleven images of admissions personnel, administration, and ambassadors helping students during campus orientation 89068 .001 - Nancy Youlden (right, in profile). .002 - Pat North (2nd in from left, in profile). .003 - Pat North (left end).…
"1988" Three images of Ambassadors working in Hoke Hall to answer questions and help new students. Two are of the Hoke Information Counter, and one is of an Ambassador talking with Jens Robinson. .002 - Jens Robinson (left, in profile).
"8/1986 - Fall pre-registration" - twelve images 86316 .006 - Mindi Mouritsen. .007 - Terral Schut (left end, in profile). .010 - Mindi Mouritsen (facing). .016 - Pat Duffey. .017 - Dave Gilbert. .018 - Terral Schut. .019 - Terral Schut (on phone).…
"4/1986" Two images taken in the area of the Student Services Information Counter in Hoke Hall.
"8/1985" Twenty images of students being helped with pre-registration for fall term at the Information counter in Hoke Hall. EOSC catalogs are being distributed, as well as campus maps. .001-.002 - Joan Jackson (facing, on phone). .004 - From left to…
Three images of students using the services at the Information counter in Hoke Hall.
"5/1985 - Hoke" Two images of students talking at the Information counter in Hoke Hall.
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