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"Thatched home of the Photo Crew of 3rd Attack Group - at river's edge, just below The Photo Lab. Dobodura is in the Buna and Gona villages on the N.E. coast of New Guinea" From "Darkroom Soldier": "3rd Attack Group Quarters. On the back of this…
One of the long buildings at the camp at Dobodura, New Guinea. "Hill - Photo Section - Salinas & Laurel - Doc Speer, Tregea, etc."
A thatch hut in a local Dobodura village. "These negatives are not for section use - Sgt. Casey"
"Copy negatives of New Guinea native Women - bare breasted"
"Humbolt Bay Local Homes" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Native Homes, Humboldt Bay. Hill and two other Photo Section men persuaded an officer on the Russell Sage that they needed to document 'squadron history.' Accepting this ruse, the captain allowed…
"Red Cross facilities - [one of] 2 images"
"Red Cross facilities -[one of] 2 images." On sign over pathway: "American Red Cross Recreation Hall"
"Residence of the 3rd Attack Group Photo Section men including the 5 men of the 17th Recon "on loan" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Our House on Embi Creek. Located about thirty yards behind their Photo Lab, this typical native building -- post and beam,…
"The 3rd Attack Group Photo Section crew - including 5 men on loan from the 17th Recon Sqdn Front Row L to R Jack Heyn - Jim Humphrey (Section Chief) - John Shemilyence - Leith Seely - Earnie Roy - Ken Ward - Joe DeNunno - George Newcomb - John Bahr…
"A shelter / hut in the jungle near 17th Recon camp. Presumed to be a Japanese outpost shelter - abandond"
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