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"Cresent Meat Co. interior - between Hub (Strouds) & Harrison building on Fir Street."
A young man is behind the counter of the bookstore. He is adding up a woman's purchases on the cash register. Behind him is the apparel area of the store, and there is a sunlight window high up above the clothing.
Standing among the clothing displays of the campus bookstore, two women are holding up a red sweatshirt with "Eastern Oregon State College La Grande" on it.
This is a color photo of Hoke Hall. In the foreground, a rack is full of bicycles. Students are visible up near the building and out on the sidewalk in front.
Using the tables in Hoke Hall for paperwork, three young men are looking at one in particular. Besides papers, there is a full ashtray and a beverage cup sitting on the table.
Four images of students and employees eating and studying in the Hoke Hall cafeteria.
Seated at various tables around the common room in Hoke Hall, students and staff work on paperwork and projects. This photo was taken from overhead looking down.
"Hoke" Hoke Hall powdered with a light layer of snow. A couple of scrubby trees are in the foreground.
Two young women stand behind a steel counter and serve sandwiches and soup cafeteria style. A young man slides his tray of food along the steel tray shelf it is designed for. The back wall is covered in square tiles, and there is an open food window…

"1991" Three images of students using the lounges in Hoke Hall for reading, infant care, and to watch the news coverage of Desert Storm, the War in Iraq.
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