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"1913 - Xmas Day" This is a picture of an early Oregon homestead taken on Christmas day. The snow is deep, and the buildings are set far apart. The house is in the distance, third building from the left.
"Harvey McAlister homestead - 1870 - near intersection of McAlister & Cove Ave. La Grande, OR" [Photograph used in "History of Union County, Oregon" (page 40), edited and compiled by Bernal D. Hug.]
Walter Reuter (on the left), two unidentified young women, and a young man sit on the porch of a roughly made house or cabin. [This appears to be a first homesteading location in the Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon, probably near La Grande.]

Two women are working near a table that is covered with a checkered tablecloth. There is a wagon parked next to a crudely made cabin.
"Mill on North Fork of the Looking Glass River" [Mill does not appear in image.]
"Medical Springs, Union County, Oregon - area of Dunham Wright"
A home or farmhouse is visible in the background with numerous variations of vegetation in the foreground, including thistle.
"Dunham Wright's homestead at Medical Springs, Oregon - 1895"
"Carrie Hibberd's new home in Imbler 1909"
"Sam Raines homestead. Later was A. P. Hays residence. Cabin located 3 miles southwest of Paradise Post Office - circa 1915."
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