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Two images of one side of a section of Adams Avenue in La Grande, Oregon. The businesses along this part of the block include: Lottes building where "Sears is Coming Soon," M. J. Goss Motor Company, and Pat's Alley.

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"July 20-22, 1984 - Baker, Miner's Jubilee" - fourteen images .006 - Doc Werner caricature (background). .012 - Doc Werner (wearing tophat). .015 - Doc Werner (wearing tophat).

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"October 1980" Three images of the Baker High School Marching Band making it's way along the homecoming parade route.

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"August 1976 - experimental shots"
Cars are driven along Adams Avenue in La Grande, Oregon. Banks, stores, and restaurants line the sides of the road, including U.S. Bank, First National Bank, Chuck Wagon, True Value Hardware, Mr. Glasson's, and…

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