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"Etha Huffman - Reba Williamson - 1910"

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Two youngsters sit next to each other on a wooden boardwalk. Both appear to be approximately 2 years old, and are wearing similar clothing, including ballcaps.

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"Dodge? - Etha Huffman" (on right) Appears to be Etha's brother's car - Fred Huffman's Dodge Touring car.

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"Etha Huffman - Thirsty Paul Gettle" - Starkey area

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"Paul Gettle - Sebastian Gettle - Etha Huffman [in car] - Starkey area"

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"The gang of La Granders - 1913 - Front row, striped dress, Kate Gekeler - Behind her in checkered jacket, Etha Huffman - Standing apart on right, Fred Huffman - There will be Gekelers and Kanes as well"


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"Hospitality in the Senior Villanueva home at 315 Cataluna Street, Manila. Capt Price - 49th Fighter Sqdn far left with cigarette"

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"Hospitality in the Senior Villanueva home at 315 Cataluna Street, Manila"

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"Fred Hill photographing friend Marciana - Binmaley"

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"Fred Hill and a special friend Marciana Arunda - a fruit seller who came regularly through our camp. She invited Fred to go with her to her home, meet her family, and share a meal" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Fruit Vendors. In his second letter from…

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