Fred Hill with Filipino Friend

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Fred Hill with Filipino Friend


Military uniforms
Native peoples
Arunda, Marciana
Hill, Fred


"Fred Hill and a special friend Marciana Arunda - a fruit seller who came regularly through our camp. She invited Fred to go with her to her home, meet her family, and share a meal" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Fruit Vendors. In his second letter from Binmaley, Hill praised these local vendors: '[They] come through camp all day long selling bananas, tomatoes, peanuts, mangos, baskets, pottery, bamboo chairs and stools, cigars, haircuts, knives. Women (some beautiful gals) stop by several times each day to know if we have any dirty clothes to be washed. After a few weeks, Hill got to know Marciana Arunda. She became Hill's preferred vendor. A widow in her early twenties, she always wore black in memory of her husband who had been killed by the Japanese. She lived in Barrio Linoc, and once invited Hill to her home for a formal meal....About both women he was very clear: 'We honestly look forward to their visits." ("Darkroom Soldier" caption authored by George Venn)






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