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"Fred Hill and a special friend Marciana Arunda - a fruit seller who came regularly through our camp. She invited Fred to go with her to her home, meet her family, and share a meal" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Fruit Vendors. In his second letter from…
"Fruit seller and special friend Marciana Arunda with her cigar box cash box"
"A fruit peddler through our camp at Binmaley. Marciana Arunda lived in Barrio Linoc. Always wore black - in mourning for her husband who she inferred was killed by Japanese"
"A street of native homes on one of the small islands off Mindoro - Among palm trees"
"Scene in a tiny barrio on one of the many small islands off Mindoro - Went for a ride in a search & rescue Higgins boat"
"Bomb bursts at some small Dutch New Guinea coastal Barrio"
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