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"1967 - Eastern Oregon College foundation officers include (seated left to right) College President A. [Averno] M. Rempel, Foundation President Willard [Bill] Carey, and Vice President Merle Becket. (Back row left to right) Executive Secretary Lloyd…
Nine images of Harry Hunt. He is wearing a coat, and he appears to be speaking to someone.
"April 14, 1976 - Foundation fund drive kick-off"
From left to right: Paul Couey, Jim Petersen, President Rodney Briggs, and Verl Anderson.
"Nov. 6, 1976 - Annual Foundation Meeting Luncheon"
Foundation President, Bill Hermann conducts the meeting portion of the luncheon.
"November 1977 - Foundation Annual Meeting / Banquet - Rodney Briggs"
"November 1977 - Foundation annual meeting / banquet - Jeanette Baum"
"November 14, 1978 - Foundation Annual Banquet Social Hour"
Foreground: Jean McKenzie (left, in profile), Joy Dobbin (right).
"May 19, 1979 - Birthday Banquet"
Jan Keffer (standing) is one of the distinguished speakers at the college's 50th Birthday Banquet. Chancellor Roy Lieuallen [or Lieuellen] is also pictured here on the right (seated).
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