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"Sumpter Or. in .... 1900"

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"Light Plant of the Sumpter Light & Power Co. - Sumpter, Oregon - circa 1901-1903"
"Baker [County] area mines - North Pole Gold Mill - Cracker Creek, Or."
"At 4H Picnic - Union - Aug. 11, 1938 - Howard Smith - Asst. County Agent"
"No. 6 Grant County Hospital - Prairie City, Ore."
"Promise M. Phillips Carper, age 19 yrs. 3 mos. and 9 days. First white baby born in 'Promise Land' [Wallowa County] - circa 1915 [Her clothing suggests earlier, possibly closer to 1900.]"
"Sarah Jane Reeves Findley - Born October 25, 1842 - Carrolltown, Missouri. Crossed plains 1852. Family to mines in southern Oregon 1853, were there during Rogue River Indian War. Father and two brothers served as volunteers at time. She is said to…
"East Oregon Lumber Company Grade in the Sled Springs area, Wallowa County - circa 1915."
"Bowman-Hicks Lumber Co. Skidder near Maxville, Oregon (Wallowa County) - circa 1920's"
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