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"Tent interior of the Photo Section men (+Peters). Taken by Van Reimer" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Mildew and Letters. A.J. Countryman, Bernardo and Reimer write letters in their 20' x 20' Binmaley home. By this point, as Hill wrote to Martha, 'Every…
"The cot and equipment of Sgt. Fred Hill. Two boards of salvaged lumber for a floor. 50 cal ammo boxes - with silica gel from engine boxes - kept film and personal cameras, and stationery dry. 30 cal carbine hangs from bedside. Loafer slippers from…
"Van Reimer - head out of mosquito net - in his cot - Binmaley" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Van Reimer Resting. Sometimes, Photo Section men worked all night, then went to bed after breakfast -- as may have been the case here." ("Darkroom Soldier"…
Fred Hill sits on his cot inside the Photo Personnel quarters.
"Camp - EM tents - of E Co., 186 Inf. at Biak - Sgt Fred Hill, formerly of E Co. Oregon National Guard. Now of 17th Recon Sqdn Air Force - was able to visit old comrades on Biak"
"Allan Countryman - His daily letter home to wife, Pat in New York State"
"Allan Countryman - His daily letter home to wife, Pat in New York State"
"41st Division 1941 - Recreation: card game Cpl Bill Hawes - 4th Squad (Mortar) leader - Gail Mills on right - in barracks at 41st Cantonment area"
"41st Division 1941 - Recreation: Guitar music / singing 41st Cantonment - The first group of draftees that came to the 186th Infantry for training had many Hispanic men - Here they are singing to guitar accompaniment"
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