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"A Red Cross girl serving coffee to ground crew men on the flight line - San Jose Mindoro"
"Red Cross girls serving coffee & cookies - at a stand accessible to any, primarily to air crews returning from missions" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Support the Red Cross. From Milne Bay onward, Hill praised the Red Cross for their overseas 'Camp…
"Red Cross girls serving coffee inside a shelter"
A picnic - 49th Fighter Mess Sgt Bill Cox, Red Cross girl Clara Cohen at center, and unidentified 49th Fighter member - coffee percolater and sheet cake
"A picnic - a cook from the 49th Fighter, a Red Cross girl (Clara Cohen), Fred Hill and Cpl Ehrman - coffee percolator, a sheet cake" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Picnic in Peace. Left to right: unidentified soldier
"One of the Red Cross girls - who served coffee from a jeep out on the line - to returning air crews - Clara Cohen"
"One of the Red Cross coffee hostess girls who met the returning flight crews with fresh coffee - Clara Cohen"
"Coffee Hour, Homecoming" Alumni gather for a coffee hour during homecoming festivities. Most of the people visible in the picture are men wearing suits. The back of one woman can be seen on the right. She is wearing a sleeveless, light colored dress…
"1989" An image of the "Jitters" coffee shop in Hoke Hall getting lots of business.

"1988" An image of students taking a break in the "Jitters" coffee shop area of Hoke Hall.
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