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"Left: Harvey DeMoss - Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada - First Student Body President at E.O.N. (1930). Right - Eugene W. Bowman - Ashland, Oregon - Professor at S.O.C. - First Alumni Association President for E.O.N."
"The front facade of the main bldg of Santo Tomas University which was used as a prison for Americans and British civilians by the Japanese"
"The main bldg of Santo Tomas University. Used to house US & British civilian prisoners by the Japanese"
"The main building of Santo Tomas University - from ground level - from slightly left of center"
"Santo Tomas University grounds - taken from outside the fence showing additional shelters that were built to accomodate American and British civilian prisoners"
"British 'Long Tom' artillery piece brought to Biak by the Japanese and installed near the beach on the south coast of Biak. Originated in Singapore"
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