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"Scene from top of Santo Tomas main bldg - showing many additional shelters built on the grounds - for civilian prisoners - Area 'C"

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"Interior of a shack / shelter in the inner court of the Main Bldg of Santo Tomas - used as a prison for US & British civilian prisoners by the Japanese"

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"View of the courtyard within the main building of Santo Tomas Univ. - taken from 3rd floor view point. Makes excellent print #5 filter"

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"Looking down from 3rd floor level at the shelter shacks built within the open courtyard of the main building of Santo Tomas University"

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"Santo Tomas University grounds - taken from outside the fence showing additional shelters that were built to accomodate American and British civilian prisoners"

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"Fred Hill at his ship board sleeping facilities"

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"Deck living shelter"

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"Davis Brothers - Dee & unidentified"

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