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"10/1983 - Octoberfest / Homecoming" Three images of President Dave Gilbert (left) welcoming a special guest to the October Folk Festival.

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"10/1982 - October Folk Festival" An image of professors, Dave Gilbert (right) and Burke Thomason (left) standing next to the beer garden supply truck. The truck has a sign posted which reads: "Ice Cold Beer, On Tap." Inlow Hall is partially visible…

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"10/1982 - October Folk Festival" - fourteen images 82092 .017 - Group in right side foreground: Mike Daugherty (left, in profile), Jim Lundy (middle, back to camera). 82093 .002 - John Jambura (1st table, suit coat and necktie). .013 - Yvonne Tagge…

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"10/1983 - Octoberfest / Homecoming" President Dave Gilbert (right) enjoys a beer while speaking with a gentleman at the October Folk Festival.

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"10/1982 - October Folk Festival" Standing back under the overhead awning are Dave Gilbert (right) and Burke Thomason (facing Gilbert). Next to them is a young man working the supply truck for the beer garden. A sign on the truck declares: "Ice Cold…

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