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It's going to be up to the umpire whether or not this baseball runner slid over homeplate in time to be called safe. The catcher, #10, tags the runner and waits for the call.
This "Eastern" baseball pitcher has just released the ball.
An "Eastern" batter, #13, is in the follow through of his swing as two young men watch from the area of the dugout in the background.
Wearing casual athletic clothes, and a few with baseball gloves, young men play an informal game of baseball. There are sprinklers running in the background.
Wearing a sweatsuit, and a dark colored stocking cap with a white pom-pom on top, a young man is poised to throw the baseball from his right hand.
A baseball player is in the follow through of his swing, as two men watch from the background. It appears that this game is being played in a local park, rather than on campus. There is a house and late 1950's era cars visible in the background.
#18 is up to bat while the catcher and umpire watch the pitch from behind homeplate. In the background, Eastern Oregon's baseball team or the opposing team sit on the bench watching the action.
"1992 - Baseball [Wes McAllaster]" Assistant coach. [Per information received from David Downs on 2012-03-20: "last name is McAllaster"]
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