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"1991, Summer - New sidewalk dedication" Ten images taken during an outdoor, on campus, employees' barbecue. .001 - Right side of closest table from right to left: Dick Stenard (1st), Mike Daugherty (2nd, in profile). .002 - Lieutenant Brad Domby…
"June 1989 - Graduation" Eight images of the presentation of the flags at the opening of the graduation ceremonies.
"2/1987 - ROTC" An image of two ROTC employees. Major Ralph Griffith is on the right.
"2/1987 - ROTC" An image of an ROTC employee, Major Ralph Griffith.
"10/1986" Five images of the La Grande High School marching band heading down Adams Avenue in the Octoberfest Parade.
"10/1986" Eighteen images taken during the Octoberfest Parade on Adams Avenue. 86345 .005 - Hawaiin Connection. 86349 .005-.008 - Hunt Hall. .009-.014 - Koinona Student Club.
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