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  • Collection: Fred Hill Historical Photographs
"No. 22 State Fish Hatchery - Union, Ore."
"Thelma Atwood (R.)"

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"County Clerks Office, Union, Ore. (where Union High School now stands) 1. Unidentified, 2. George Benson: County Clerk, 3. Unidentified, 4. Turner Oliver, 5. Jack Oliver"

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"Steam Powered Generator for Union - early 1900's - Otto Compton: Steam Engineer -Electric Power Plant located near the creek where the RR spur took off for Cove"
"Belle Mallory Wright - married W.T. Wright - Wedding Gifts"
"A.J. Goodbroad's Hothouse - Union"
"Early scene of S.D. Miller estate - Union, OR"

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"Union High School Personnel - Faculty - 1925/26 Top Row: Mr. Emmel, Mr. Pitts 2nd Row: Miss Coleman, Miss Cushman 3rd Row: Mr. Conklin, Miss Kicker, Miss Bracht, Mr. Baxter"
"No. 14 Oregon Experiment Station, Union, Ore."
"Union High School Girls Basketball - 39"
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