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"1947-48 School Activities" Two young men are on either side of a young woman as they look through a book with pictures in it, possibly a yearbook. They are in the same room where the yearbook staff meets.
"Eunice Burns Thornburg, Pauline Johnson, Virginia Pyatt, Erros Osterloh, Wilber M. Osterloh, Dix Ferguson" The five women and one man sit around a table piled with Mountaineer annuals.
"Wallowa County High School (Enterprise, Oregon) Football Team Championship Portrait 1897-98. Front row: Colonel Graves, Jewett Gardner, George Lautrell [LaTrelle] - 2nd row: (unreadable) Bodwell, Bill Lautrell [LaTrelle], Hank Haas, (unreadable)…
"La Grande, Oregon High School track team, 1910 - First championship track team, posing in uniform with medals, pennants and cup." Although there are numbers written on each member, the names are not numbered. "Members are: Bill Peare [possibly #5],…
"1921-1922 La Grande High School military class - Dee Smutz identified at extreme right." [See La Grande High School yearbook, the "MIMIR," 1921-1922 (page 108) for a reproduction of the photograph.]
"Early business men of La Grande, Oregon in a burlesque baseball game in honor of the late Paul Lederle." [From La Grande High School yearbook, 1927.]
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