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"Wallowa County High School (Enterprise, Oregon) Football Team Championship Portrait 1897-98. Front row: Colonel Graves, Jewett Gardner, George Lautrell [LaTrelle] - 2nd row: (unreadable) Bodwell, Bill Lautrell [LaTrelle], Hank Haas, (unreadable)…
"La Grande, Oregon High School track team, 1910 - First championship track team, posing in uniform with medals, pennants and cup." Although there are numbers written on each member, the names are not numbered. "Members are: Bill Peare [possibly #5],…
"1921-1922 La Grande High School military class - Dee Smutz identified at extreme right." [See La Grande High School yearbook, the "MIMIR," 1921-1922 (page 108) for a reproduction of the photograph.]
"Early business men of La Grande, Oregon in a burlesque baseball game in honor of the late Paul Lederle." [From La Grande High School yearbook, 1927.]
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