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"Sue DeLashmutt 1966-67 IK Duchess May 11, 1966" Sue DeLashmutt poses for the Intercollegiate Knights' Duchess picture wearing a velvet cape and a jewelled tiara. She is holding a floral bouquet and sitting on a throne in front of the IK seal that is…

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"Dorion Sweetheart - Suzanne Switzer" [This photo appears in the 1961 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 56.]

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"1959 Homecoming - Princess Marcia MacPherson, Queen Gail Fisher, and Princess Judy Wardell"

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"1959 Homecoming - Queen Gail Fisher, Princess Marcia MacPherson, and Princess Judy Wardell"

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"1963 Homecoming" This picture must have been made in the event that there was a different winner. Carolyn Helfrecht is wearing the crown, but she was not named homecoming queen that year. The actual Queen was Sharon Myers, on the left. Carolyn was a…

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