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"June 1988 - Graduation" - five images .006 - Jens Robinson. .007 - Pat Duffey (left), Howard Bailey (right, in profile). .010 - Jim Hottois (right). .015 - Dwight Lippe.

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"6/1981" Seven images taken in the staging area where the faculty and administration are going over final announcements for the graduation ceremony. .002 - From left to right: Dick Hermens, Rodney Briggs, Tom Dimond, Ray Stinnett, Werner Bruecher,…

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"6/4/1976 - Graduation night - 7a.m.-8p.m."
Faculty participating in the graduation ceremonies use Pierce Library as a staging area in preparation. Those who have been identified are from left to right: Mary Jane Loso (1st), Douglas Treadway (5th),…

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