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"Soloists" Seven images of the two Grande Ronde Symphony Orchestra violin soloists with the conductor in the middle. The violinist on the left is EOSC music professor, Robert Groth.
Sixteen images taken at the reception following the perfomance of two soloists who also sang a duet together. xx243 .001 - Enno Klammer (ladeling punch). .003-.004 - [Appears to be:] Dea McAvoy. .006 - [Appears to be:] Florence Miller (2nd in from…
Nine images of two soloists giving a singing performance, and then topping it off with a duet together. [The soloist in the dark colored dress appears to be Dea McAvoy.]
"1969-70 Grande Ronde Symphony Soloists" Four images of from left to right: Front row: Lynn Bishop (middle, flute). Back row: [Appears to be:] Allan Morgan (left, trumpet), Gary Jensen (middle, bassoon).
"EOC Soloists" Two young women and a young man stand together forming a pyramid with the man at the top. All three are wearing dark choir robes. Both of the women are wearing eyeglasses. The background is light colored draperies.
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