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"Burned dorm wastebasket" Six images of damage done by a fire that was deliberately set in a toiletries dispenser in one of the domitory bathrooms.

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"7/1987 - Science Camp" - three images

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"7/1987 - Science Camp" During the summer, children's science camp, a boy wears safety goggles and works at a sink with a tall faucet and attached hose.

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The sink and cupboards in the kitchen.


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"1939 House Interiors - Owner: W.H. Reuter - second floor rooms" This is a bathroom with a pedestal sink and a mirrored medicine cabinet.

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"1939 House Interiors - Owner: W.H. Reuter - first floor rooms" This room appears to be a kitchen.


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"College - 1939 - Women's Residence Hall Life"

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