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"3/1976 - Campus scenes"
Students work in a typing / business class.
"Week of March 29, 1976 - Campus scenes"
Professor Dixie Lund teaches a business / secretarial science class. The students are seated at desks with typewriters and other secretarial equipment at hand.
"November 1980" Two images of an unidentified young woman studying a textbook / workbook that is titled: "Politics For Human Beings."
"December 1982 - Chemistry Club appeal for Science Fair competitors in a LHS [La Grande High School] chemistry class"
"10/1984 - Computers at EOSC, Secretarial Science"
"7/1986 - Science Camp"

Dick Hermens (in profile).
"7/1987 - Science Camp"

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"7/1987 - Science Camp"

Tom Herrmann (left).

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"7/1987 - Science Camp"

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