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"Union Oregon Lumber Mill - Ronde Lumber Co. - Near Experiment Station - Area is now (1998) High School Sport's field"
"2. Photograph of a drawing of Oro Dell, Oregon - circa 1888"

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"View of Elgin, Ore. with the bridge crossing the Grande Ronde River in the foreground - circa 1910."
"Overview of Elgin, Oregon looking NW - Spring 1904. The Grande Ronde River is in the foreground."
"Overview of Elgin, Oregon looking west across the Grande Ronde River and up Main St. - circa summer 1888-9." Written on back of photograph: "From Flora Golding." [Photograph used in "History of Elgin, Oregon" by Bernal Hug (page 81, picture no.…
"Overview of Elgin, Oregon looking west from the opposite side of the Grande Ronde River - circa 1900. Fish Trap Bridge can be seen to the right." [Photograph used in "History of Elgin, Oregon" by Bernal Hug (page 93, picture no. 63).]
"Log jam on the Grande Ronde River, near La Grande, Oregon."
"First steel bridge in Union County. Spans Grande Ronde River at Island City. - circa 1900" Advertisement on wooden railing of bridge reads: "Guns and Ammunition at Bohnenkamp's" [Photograph used in "History of Union County, Oregon" (page 190),…
"Grande Ronde Drug Store [La Grande?]" Painted sign on the side of the building reads: "Drugs and Medicines, Paint, Oils, [Glass?], School Books and Cigars"
"La Grande, Oregon - August 16, 1930" Grande Ronde Hospital with an addition built onto it is visible just to the right of the center of the image. [Image has been cropped from a panorama of La Grande.]
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