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"5/1987 - Lynn Bishop, Music Professor Emeritus" Lynn Bishop and his wife, Lila sit on an outdoor porch together.
"5/1987 - Lynn Bishop, Music Professor Emeritus" Lynn Bishop leans on a baby grand piano while his wife, Lila sits and plays for him.
"5/21/1966 - John Miller, Retirement Banquet" John Miller and his wife are greeted by faculty and friends during his retirement banquet.
"6/1976 - Dorothy Winters retirement reception"
Those who have been identified are from left to right: Elda Waite (4th).
"12/8/1976 - Retiring Lynn Bishop"
From left to right: John Cobb, Lila Bishop, and Lynn Bishop.
"June 4, 1977 - Retirees [From left to right:] Earl Meuli, [Unidentified], Audrey Snodgrass, Carlos Easley, Georgia Osterholme"
"June 29, 1978 - Retirement Party for Betty Peck"
She cuts and serves her retirement cake.
"December 1979 - Donna Camphill"
Donna Camphill poses behind a table with a cake on it. This appears to be a retirement reception.
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