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"1989" Three women enjoy refreshments and socializing after the Ars Poetica with guest, William Stafford. The woman in the middle is Pat McNamer [or McNamee].
"June 1980 Graduation - Dr. Harvey Bennett, Faculty" Wearing his graduation robes and sunglasses, Harvey Bennett enjoys a beverage in the main lounge of Hoke Hall where refreshments are served after graduation. The spiral staircase is visible behind…
"June 6, 1991 - Student Awards"
"June 4, 1977 - Retirees [From left to right:] Earl Meuli, [Unidentified], Audrey Snodgrass, Carlos Easley, Georgia Osterholme"
"June 29, 1978 - Retirement Party for Betty Peck"
She cuts and serves her retirement cake.
"April 1979 - Art Gallery Opening"
Those who have been identified as attending this function are: Howard Anderson, Werner Bruecher, Tom Dimond, Sheila Duncan, Terry Edvalson, Ed Forshee, Ian Gatley, Dave Gilbert, Bob Kingzett, Judd Koehn, Janet…
"December 1979 - Donna Camphill"
Donna Camphill poses behind a table with a cake on it. This appears to be a retirement reception.
"June 1980 - Graduation" After the graduation ceremony, refreshments are provided in the main lounge of Hoke Hall.
"6/7/1982 - Graduation" Twenty-four images of the refreshments and socializing in Hoke Hall before and after the graduation ceremony.
"6/1984 - Outdoor Concert" Two images of people having refreshments on the back patio of Hoke Hall after the outdoor concert at the Gronek Amphitheater.

From left to right starting with woman in hat: Sandra Barker (1st, back to camera), Richard…
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