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"1969-70 Track - Skip Roberts, EOC's vastly improved pole vaulter." [A similar photo appears in the 1970 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 197.]
"4/1986 - Track Meet" - two images .001 - Zabel Hall (background).
"4/1985" An image of a pole vaulter getting ready to make his run. Zabel Hall appears in the background.
"Track 1957" This appears to be Earle Smith holding a pole for the pole vault.
Wearing a dark colored uniform, a track athlete is half over the cross pole during his pole vault attempt. The pole he is still holding onto is almost standing straight up and down. [Possibly, John Richards or John McClay.]
Wearing an EOC track uniform, John Richards sets up for the pole vault. He is holding the long pole in both hands and resting it on his right shoulder.
"1993, Spring - Scott Kinnaman, Track" A storage bulding and the side of Ackerman Elementary School are visible in the background.
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