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"7/1987" Two images of Badgley Hall's main lecture hall.
Three images of four students seated at desks in a science room. A professor is standing at the back wall with a periodic table of the elements hanging behind him. There is a small animal's skull on the first desk.
"7/1987" Two images of Badgley Hall's main lecture hall.
"February 1976"
Three people work together as a group in a classroom. There is a Periodic Table hanging on the wall in the background.
"Members of Eastern's Math - Physical Science faculty for 1963-64 included the following, left to right: Dwight Lippe, Bob Gregory, Glenn Slabaugh [Slabough?], Dr. Ralph Badgley, Leroy Damewood, Gerald [Jerry] Young, Virgil Bolen, Douglas Campbell…
"EOC, (L) Larry Spencer, (R) Robert R. Carey" Larry Spencer and Robert R. Carey stand on either side of a piece of equipment in a science room. They are both wearing sports jackets, dress shirts and neckties. Larry Spencer appears to be turning the…
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