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"Robert R. Carey, President Associated Oregon Ind. Visiting Speaker" This is a portrait of Robert R. Carey wearing a dark colored blazer, a white dress shirt, a striped necktie, and eyeglasses. He is holding a pipe in his left hand.
"John Dahlstrom" Robert R.Carey (on the left) shakes hands with John Dahlstrom while presenting him with a fellowship of $500 given by the Inland Machinery Co. The other presenter on the right is Professor Ralph Badgley. Overhead is a sign reading,…
"Mike Gilbert" On the left, Robert R. Carey is there to observe the experiment being conducted by student Mike Gilbert in a science lab.
"The Inland Empire Machinery scholarship was presented [by Robert R. Carey] to Janet Bond [Cromar]." [Photo appears in the 1962 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 59.]
"Awarded $500 Scholarship -- David Skeen (center), Eastern Oregon College sophomore from La Grande, has been awarded the $500 Inland Machinery Co. scholarship for 1959-60. At left, Robert R. Carey, president of the Inland Machinery Co of La Grande,…
"EOC, (L) Larry Spencer, (R) Robert R. Carey" Larry Spencer and Robert R. Carey stand on either side of a piece of equipment in a science room. They are both wearing sports jackets, dress shirts and neckties. Larry Spencer appears to be turning the…
"Ronald Smit" Robert R. Carey (left) stands with Ronald Smit who is reaching over to turn on some electronic equipment. Both men are wearing dark colored suits, dress shirts and dark neckties.
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