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"8/1990 - Nancy Youlden" Five images that appear to have been taken at a party celebrating Nancy Youlden's birthday. .001-.002 - Dick Stenard (left), Nancy Youlden (right). .005 - Nancy Youlden. .006 - Harriet Girrard (left, in profile), Nancy…
"November 1990" Two images of a group of foreign students posing together at a small party.
"12/1990" Four images taken during a small office party. .011 - From left to right: Howard Bailey (1st, in profile), Vickie Bailey (2nd, in profile, mostly obscured by Bailey), Betty Bohnenkamp (3rd). .012 - Howard Bailey. .019 - Howard Bailey…
"1990" An image taken at the retirement party for Tom Roper (left). He is shaking hands with President Dave Gilbert (right).
"1990" Fourteen images taken during an office party for an unidentified employee who is leaving. .005 - Nancy Youlden (right). .006 - Kim Timm (left, seated). .008 - Dave Gilbert (right, in profile), Sandi Boren (middle background). .009 - Dave…
"1989" Five images taken at the retirement party for "Pat." [No last name given.] .011 - Sandi Boren (left, in profile). .012 - June Kelly (2nd in from the right).
"1989" Twelve images taken during Sam Shorb's retirement party. .001 - Sam Shorb (standing, in profile). .003 - Around the room clockwise starting at 10:00: Jim Lundy (2nd, in profile), Dick Townsend (4th, seated, in profile), Jerry McCarthy (4th,…
"1989" Four images taken at the retirement party for June Kelly. .011 - June Kelly. .012 - From left to right: June Kelly (1st), Jerry Ingerson (3rd). .017 - June Kelly.
"1989" Five images of Admissions' employees and several EOSC Ambassadors at a small, office party. .002 - Nancy Youlden (right). .007 - Saichi Oba. .009 - Nancy Youlden (middle).
"1988" Four images taken at an employees' office party. .025 - Judd Koehn (left, in profile). .026 - Dave Gilbert (left). .027 - Theresa Gillis (left).
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