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"186th Infantry - 41st Division - Overnight hike - Fort Lewis - 8/40 - National Guard annual encampment before we were mobilized Sept. 16, 1940 - Primitive field kitchen"
"17th Sqdn Kitchen crew preparing food even before any tent shelter is up" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Slicing Bread. Soldiers have to eat, regardless of the preparation of the kitchen. Here, a cook slices bread for sandwiches amid the chaos of…
"17th Tact. Recon Sqdn cooks preparing food before any mess hall tents are up - slicing bread for sandwiches"
"Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation - During the 40th & 41st Division (Red & Blue) war exercises. Bob doin laundry"
"E Co. 186th Infantry - Field exercises - Fort Lewis 1941 - field Kitchen - WW1 helmets"
"Julia Hill Neville in her kitchen - 1890"
"College - 1939 - Women's Residence Hall Life - Big Party open house - Dr. Logan"
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