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"Student Body Officers 54-55, Bob Valiant, Cecilia McDonnell, Marlin Stringer, Bill Morris, Jim Walters" Four young men and one young woman sit at a table taking notes. They are the student body officers for 1954-55.
"Candidates for ASB Secretary 50-55, Gail [Swart] Coffin, Joan [JoAnn] Nuss" Gail [Swart] Coffin and JoAnn Nuss sit outside in front of a leafy bush. They are both wearing skirts, blouses and belts, and they have turned their heads to face each other…
"EOCE, Hunt President Bob Holznoyle" The President of the Hunt Hall Officers, Bob Holznoyle, poses in a dark sports jacket over a light colored dress shirt and necktie. He has a cigarette in his right hand.
"EOCE Hunt, Tom McDowel, Bob Holznoyle (president), Darrel Muller" Three young men, all wearing sports coats and slacks stand together.
"Officers of Dorion Hall" The president for the women's dormitory, Betty Johnson, sits between the other two officers who are unidentified.
"1949-50 - A Representative Group from F.T.A. [Future Teachers of America]." The Officers, Hisako Kido, Jim Brewer, Jim Kenny, Marjorie Coiner, and Ellen Herrman, all appear in the picture. [Photo appears in the 1950 Mountaineer yearbook, "F.T.A."…
"1949-50 Beta Kappa - Nature Club Members. Officers are: Ross Wilson, President
"1949-50 Associated Women Students (A.W.S.) Officers - Betty Keys [Keyes], Vice-President
"1949-50 - F.T.A. [Future Teachers of America] Officers: Hisako Kido, Jim Brewer, Jim Kenny, Marjorie Coiner, Ellen Herrman." [Photo appears in the 1950 Mountaineer yearbook, "F.T.A." section.]
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