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"Baker [County] area mines - E and E Mill - Cracker Creek Mill" "E and E Mill and Mines - Cracker Creek"
"Baker [County] area mines - E and E Mill"
"Baker [County] area mines - Highland Gold Mine Co. - Knapp Group - Sumpter, Or. Maps - circa 1901-1903" "Property of the Highland Gold Mines Co.- Knapp Group - Sumpter, Oregon - Granite, Grano-Diorite, Argillite - U.S. Deputy Mineral Surveyors"
"A high mountain mine in Northern Luzon. Evelyn Whitfield's husband worked there before the civilians were imprisoned by the Japanese. Evelyn's book, a 'Two Year Picnic' mentions this place"
"5/1987 - Raft Race: Lonesome Hole Mine 69: Gary M., Wade, Shawn, Gary B."
"4/21/1983 - Mine Safety, Body Sling to Immobilize Neck - In sling: Art Clum, EWU. Wearing eyeglasses: Jay Hart, Belvue [Bellevue?] MSHA [Mine Safety & Health Administration]. EOSC: Dan Geary." - six images
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