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"Baker [County] area mines - E and E Mill - Cracker Creek Mill" "E and E Mill and Mines - Cracker Creek"
"Baker [County] area mines - La Bellview [Bellevue] Mill"
"Ratchet wheels and shaft for Red Boy hoist plant. Transferred by sleds pulled by a 12-horse team from Sumpter, Oregon by S.T. Co. (Tom McEwen, Manager) - Jan. 5, 1901."
"Red Boy Mines and Mill - circa 1901-1903"
"Baker [County] area mines - Virginia Mill and Hoist Plant"
"No. 52 White Pine Mill near Baker, Ore."

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"Cove Flour Mill. Cove, Oregon - circa 1914."
"Cove Flour Mill. Cove, Oregon - circa 1914."
"J.T. Galloway Mill on Gordon Creek, 3 miles north of Elgin, Oregon - June 1897"
"Hanford Reed Mill at Elgin" [This image has been taken directly from Bernal Hug's book, "History of Elgin, Oregon" (page 232).]
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