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"6/1982 - Faculty send-off for Micronesia" - twenty-nine images 82065 .006 - John Millay (right). .010 - From right to left: Rodney Briggs (1st), Robert Ward (2nd), John Millay (3rd, partial). .011 - Rodney Briggs (right end), Robert Ward (next to…
"6/22/1981 - Departure for Micronesian Trip" Fourteen images of students and faculty loading up for their visit to Micronesia. 81062 .011 - Harvey Bennett (left, standing on loading dock). .012 - Robert [Bob] Ward (holding long tube). Quinn Coliseum…
"September 1980" Two images of EOSC staff loading surplus office furniture and equipment into the back of a truck.
"Cove Flour Mill. Cove, Oregon - circa 1914."
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