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"1983" Two images of an unidentified young man sitting in the main lounge area in Hoke Hall. There are drawings hanging on the windows.
"10/1985 - First day of classes" Two images of an older woman who is studying a book in the Hoke Hall main lounge.
"10/1985 - First day of classes" Five images of two small groups of young women relaxing and socializing in the Hoke Hall main lounge.
"5/1985 - Hoke" Three images of students relaxing and talking in the Hoke Hall main lounge.
"March 10, 1984 - Open House" An image of two women sitting on a sofa and talking in the main lounge of Hoke Hall.
"9/24/1981 - Alumni Football Game Social" - five images .001 - Standing, backs to camera: Don Turner (left), Orval Goddard (right). .003 - Wayne Herron (right). .004-.005 - Dave Gilbert (at microphone).
"9/15/1981 - Alumni Football Supper" - fourteen images .001 - Orval Goddard (standing, left). .002 - Orval Goddard (standing), John Willerford (seated in front of Goddard, looking up). .004-.005 - Orval Goddard (standing, back). .006 - Chuck Melendez…
"9/15/1981 - Alumni Football Supper" Standing: Bob Warsaw (left), Orval Goddard (right). Seated clockwise around the closest table in the foreground, starting from the bottom: President Rodney Briggs (back to camera), Head Coach Don Turner (in…
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