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"Liberty Bell on RR car stops in La Grande - June 15, 1915" [It was on its way to the Panama Pacific International Exposition (World's Fair) in San Francisco, California.]
"Card game - while anchored in Harbor at Hollandia" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Cards on Deck. During the twenty five days at anchor in Humboldt Bay, Photo Reconnaissance men had time to relax in the shade. Here, a four-handed game of pinochle is in…
"View from aft deck - super structure - The Russell Sage"
"design of mast & rigging of a Liberty Ship - Silhouette - lower portion fogged"
"20 mm AA gun on a Liberty ship - Silhouette" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Gun and Cloud. While waiting on the Russell Sage, Hill took various ship-board photos, including this of a 20 mm anti-aircraft gun silhouetted against a spectacular cloud."…
"As seen from SS Juan Cabrillo"
"Men at the rail on ship"
"Calisthenics - shipboard" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Morning Calisthenics. Shipboard routine on the SS General John Pope usually included a morning exercise ritual which may or may not have been enthusiastically embraced by the soldiers. Taken a year…
"Silhouette of 20mm Anti-Aircraft gun"
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