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"The wake of the Liberty Ship Juan Cabrillo between Biak and Tacloban Leyte"

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"Red Alert - All hands below deck! Biak to Tacloban soldiers looking up at opening in hold cover"

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"Aboard ship - Biak to Tacloban - Mess kit washing facilities"

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"Soldiers relaxing aboard the SS Juan Cabrillo"

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"Relaxed aboard the Liberty Ship Juan Cabrillo, en route from Biak via Hollandia to Tacloban, Leyte. Oct 21 to 28 1944 - 17th Recon Sqdn Ground Crews" Ed Bernardo watching? From "Darkroom Soldier": "Leaving Biak. As combat moved north to reconquer…

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"Two Liberty ships, as seen over AA gun sight" From "Darkroom Soldier": "On the SS Juan Cabrillo. Luminous clouds above, Liberty Ship a far silhouette, 20 mm anti-aircraft gun up close -- the young photographer documented these apparently commonplace…

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"Card game in the hold of the Juan Cabrillo"

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"As seen from SS Juan Cabrillo"

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